Simple 2.0

SimplePay’s transparent redirect solution Allows you to integrate your own payment page but transmit data directly from the clients browser to the SimplePay gateway, significantly reducing your scope for PCI compliance.arrow


PCI Compliant web-based payment service that allows your customers to complete an online purchase through a payment page hosted by SimplePay and branded as your own, just like Paypal.arrow

Risk Management

Includes more than 120 risk checks to strongly protect your business against fraud and chargebacks. SimplePay connects to over 10 global risk providers such as ReD, ThreatMetrix, Gatekeeper, Schufa, Arvato Infoscore, 4Safe amongst other country specific providers. Know Your Customers (KYC) and tailor your solution today. arrow

Recurring Billing

Is a simple and seamless solution to streamline and integrate recurring billing and subscription payments. SimplePay provides state-of-the-art capabilities to handle consolidated error codes across all acquirers and payment methods.arrow


Enables you to store your customers’ credit card information on our secure platform, reducing your PCI compliance scope almost completely. Integrated, it allows you to keep repeat customers on your site and makes it easy to checkout and authorise payments without the need to re-enter credit card information. Ideal for recurring billing and plan creation!arrow

Mobile Payments

Our multi-channel payment platform lets you integrate payment functions into your mobile application. The API’s and SDK’s are available for your favourite platform – iOS or Android. See how easy it is to go mobile.arrow

Point of Sale Retail & Unattended

Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale — is an electronic payment system involving terminals located at points of sale. SimplePay has a range of versatile EFTPOS solutions including mobile, countertop fixed line, wireless, unattended and integrated terminals. Let us customise a solution that fits your needs. arrow

Merchant Facility

SimplePay has industry leading competitive arrangements with Tier 1 Australian Banks to provide merchant facilities and accounts to its customers. We have spent the time to understand what the banks require to approve merchant facilities and simplify the sign up process for businesses. Let us secure the right facility for you and drive down the cost of accepting credit card payments.arrow

SimplePay Addons

Accept payments through SimplePay today using your preferred accounting, e-commerce service providers and CMS platforms.

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